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Video Therapy: As a preventative measure and in accordance with the CDC recommendation for social distancing, we are now offering all clients HIPPA compliant video therapy sessions with our doctors. Click here for more details.

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Drug and alcohol addiction are pervasive afflictions that affect so many lives around us. Every person has their own unique story of the road that led to dependence on drugs and alcohol. One common thread that many people share when they become addicted is the emotional and physical effects caused by dependency on substances. If left untreated, addiction harms self-esteem, relationships and eventually, every aspect of life. Since each person’s path to becoming dependent on alcohol and drugs is individual, every person must make their own unique journey to recovery.

Dr. Daniel Selling, the Director of the Williamsburg Therapy Group, is an expert in the field of addiction, having created the largest jail-based substance abuse treatment program in the country. Our psychologists take time to understand each patient’s story and struggles to help them find their way forward. We also help family members and friends who want to provide support to loved ones who are struggling with addiction. Our psychiatrists also provide medical consultation and support to help patients struggling with substance use explore medication options that can make the road to recovery more accessible. In general, when people get the help they need and subsequently recover, life becomes bearable again: self-esteem increases, relationships heal, and quality of life improves.

How do I get help with addiction?

If you are someone in New York City who is struggling with substance use and addiction, our psychologists and psychiatrists can help you find ways to address addiction through therapy or medication management. If you’re a family member or loved one of someone who is struggling with addiction, our psychologists can help you provide support to your loved ones. Click here to meet the team and find a psychologist or psychiatrist at one of our Brooklyn offices who’s right for you.