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Austin is an extremely busy and growing city, with hundreds of people moving here per day. Among all of this hustle and bustle, there is a tendency to put mental health on the back burner in favor of "just pushing through" and "toughening up."

But studies show that neglecting mental health can actually reduce productivity. On top of that, unaddressed mental health issues can pile up and create more problems down the line.

It's very important for people in Austin to get the help they need for their mental health from a therapist, a psychological practice, or a licensed professional counselor.

Williamsburg Therapy Group is home to over 30 doctoral-level therapists, but to save you time, we’ve decided to spotlight just four of our Austin psychologists to help get you started on your therapy journey. 

Read about these Austin counselors below:

How To Pick The Right Therapist In Austin

Dr. Brian Trager, PsyD

Dr. Vanessa Rumie, PsyD

Dr. Lianna Trubowitz, PsyD

How To Pick The Right Therapist In Austin

Here are some things to consider when searching for a therapist in Austin:

  • Does the therapist have the training necessary to address your specific circumstances?
  • Do you feel as though you could establish a productive rapport with the therapist?
  • Where is the therapist located? Most mental health professionals list their location online

Finding a therapist in Austin comes with a number of challenges. There are so many options that it can feel overwhelming to pick one. And once you do, you might find that their availability is limited.

One simple solution is to choose a doctoral-level psychologist, since they tend to have more training and education than master's-level therapists. The psychologists at Williamsburg Therapy Group are among the most highly educated and trained, so that should provide for a high degree of confidence.

A therapist with a master's degree is qualified to give the same kinds of therapy as a psychologist, and often does. However, a psychologist may use specialized skills they've learned through more education and training. Since a psychologist is, by definition, a scientist, this means that they have a deeper understanding of how the brain works, which can be used to diagnose and treat patients in a more personalized way.

We also have enough psychologists on staff to keep a high level of availability, which means that you can get help in less time.

Book a Therapy Session in Austin Today

Some of the best psychologists in the business work at Williamsburg Therapy Group. They provide some of the best care possible. Let us find one who is right for you.

Dr. Brian Trager, PsyD

Brian Traeger Profile Photo-2Dr. Brian Trager is regarded as one of Austin's best therapists. A doctor of clinical psychology, Dr. Trager is trained to work in a wide range of general mental health concerns, including

  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma

Dr. Trager's formal research at Roosevelt University and much of his professional life have been about LGBTQ+ issues. This makes him one of the most knowledgeable people in Austin about LGBTQ+ therapy.

Dr. Trager specializes in serving Austin with some of the most effective evidence-backed therapies available, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Emotional-focused therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy

Dr. Trager is also an expert in group therapy, providing guidance and support for individuals who feel they would respond better to therapy when surrounded by others in similar circumstances or where cost may be an issue. 

Nearly every type and reason for therapy can be provided in a group setting. Many groups target a specific illness, like anxiety or depression, while others address lifestyle issues like relationship problems, parenting concerns, and obesity.

Other groups help people who have undergone similar trauma, like the death of a parent or child, painful divorces, and prenatal trauma and loss.

No matter what kind of group therapy you go to in Austin, Dr. Trager uses his training to make sure that the conversations stay safe and helpful for everyone.

Most importantly, Dr. Trager is known for creating an extremely safe and productive environment for his clients, no matter their identity or the reason for their visit.

Dr. Vanessa Rumie, PsyD


Dr. Vanessa Rumie is one of Austin's leading experts on cognitive-behavioral therapy.

What makes Dr. Rumie one of the most effective therapists in Austin is her ability to address issues at any point in a person's lifespan, including:

  • Childhood trauma in adults
  • Life transitions for children and adolescents
  • Depression, trauma, and anxiety at any age

Dr. Rumie creates a non-judgmental setting for her therapy clients and focuses on creating a sound relationship with them in order to better understand their traumas and thought processes.

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Dr. Lianna Trubowitz, PsyDLianna

Dr. Lianna Trubowitz is one of Austin’s newest and best psychologists, but she has amassed years of experience practicing in the company's Brooklyn, NY, office.  

Dr. Trubowitz is an expert in both short-term and long-term psychotherapy. He focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, and changes in life.

She’s also known for her relationship counseling, and she loves working with Austin couples to resolve any problems with communication or behavior.

Dr. Trubowitz attained a master’s degree in general psychology from NYU before securing a doctoral degree from Ferkhauf Graduate School of Psychology.

Psychologists in Austin vs. Licensed Professional Counselors: Which one is better for me?

A doctoral-level psychologist has all of the same training as a licensed professional counselor (LPC), plus 500 extra hours of supervised training and more formal education on psychology and brain chemistry.

This extra training and experience provide Austin therapists with doctoral degrees deeper insight into their patients' psychology, which could mean the difference between progress and stagnation.

Our counselors and therapists in Austin offer group therapy, therapy for depression and anxiety, and more, with an emphasis on techniques that have been proven to work by science.

The Best Therapists in Austin: Williamsburg Therapy Group

Williamsburg Therapy Group prides itself on providing top-of-the-line care for Austin's diverse population.

You deserve the best therapy, and that's exactly what we aim to provide. Whether you feel you need couples counseling, group therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, or just want to learn some coping skills for a mental health concern, Williamsburg Therapy Group's team of world-class psychologists is on hand.

Feeling better is closer than you may think.

Schedule an appointment online today, or call us to get matched with the best Austin psychologist for you.

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