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Best-in class behavioral health care for best-in-class employers – like you.


Imagine your employees with access to best-in-class behavioral health care, when and where they need it. The impact for them–and your company–would be profoundly amazing. You can make it so.

Learn how you can provide best-in-class behavioral health for employees



Employee Behavioral Health Providers



Provide the best behavioral health for your employees—and your business.


Managing and growing your business can be tough. Attracting top talent in a competitive hiring market. Creating and maintaining a high-performance culture that keeps employees engaged. With the Employer Program from Williamsburg Therapy Group, your employees gain access to the highest-quality behavioral health providers at little or no cost to them or their dependents. Talk about a market advantage.



Stand out

Deliver access to best-in-class mental health care that employees will love


Differentiate your company with job candidates and employees by providing access to the very best mental health care available, whether in person or virtually. Make your company an employer of choice for top talent and keep your best employees engaged. App based behavioral health may be great for a select few, and most employers offer them to check the box. But if your goal is to set yourself apart and optimize for outcomes and patient experience, you’ll want to partner with WTG.

Stand up

Demand accountability in member experience and business impact


Trust a guaranteed program with an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of doctoral-level psychologists and psychiatrists to make significant impacts on employees and their families and your business. With our proven program, you can mitigate the costs of care, increase your ability to recruit and retain top talent, increase productivity, and enhance your company culture.

Stand for

Become a leader and an advocate for prioritizing mental health


In a recent MckInsey survey, 90% of employers reported that the COVID-19 crisis was affecting the behavioral health and often the productivity of their workforce. Access to appropriate behavioral health care is difficult, with high-quality providers in short supply. Now you can take a leadership position on this crucial issue by making the highest quality care more accessible without compromising on the patient experience.

Enjoy VIP access and concierge-level service. Every patient. Every time.


When you work with us, you get a trusted partner on your journey to impact the well-being of your employees and their families. With decades in practice and proven success in providing integrated care for individuals, families and groups, we’re so confident in our proven program that we guarantee success.

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Personalized behavioral care for everyone.


With a multi-disciplinary team of doctoral-level psychologists and psychiatrists, employees and their families can quickly access the right care at the right time, in a way that’s convenient for them.





Business partners

Any Issue


Individual Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Psychiatry & Medication Management
Relationship Therapy
Anxiety & Depression
Addiction  and substance abuse
LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy
Severe emotional conditions
Neuropsychological Assessment/Testing



In-person, at one of our beautifully designed offices in NYC or Austin, TX.

Video therapy, scheduled at your employee’s convenience.

4x ROI.

Return realized by employers who invest in mental health treatment.


You know mental health is important, but you might not know that you can realize a return of $4 for every $1 you invest in mental health treatment for employees. It all adds up to decreased total medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and decreased disability costs.

Find out your own return using this calculator from National Safety Council and NORC at University of Chicago.

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Therapy and Behavioral Health Services for Employers


One plan. All the best
behavioral health care.



Carefully vetted, doctoral-level psychologists and psychiatrists provide the very best, evidence-based care available in your area.



With an integrated, multidisciplinary team, employees and families can easily find and access the personalized care they need, when and how they need it. We make it easy for them to choose a provider that suits them or we can guide them to the provider that best meets their requirements.

We continuously measure results from the beginning, tracking engagement and patient satisfaction at every stage, so you know exactly what impact your investment makes.


Start whenever you want, even off-cycle. You get one bill. Employees pay one low-cost copay per  session. No forms. No fuss. We do all the work behind the scenes so you can focus on growing your business.


We’re so confident in our proven program that we’re the only behavioral health care provider who will put our fees at risk and guarantee success.

“I love Williamsburg Therapy Group and have recommended them to so many people I know. My psychologist is Dr. Dagan and he has been so helpful. He clearly has a passion for helping the clients. I always feel so comfortable in my sessions. I have gotten so much from my experiences with Williamsburg Therapy Group and Dr. Dagan. I cannot recommend either highly enough. If you think you might benefit from mental health care I urge you to reach out to Williamsburg Therapy Group. They’ve made a huge difference in my life.”
WTG Member
“I have been a patient of Williamsburg Therapy Group for a while now. I took a short break in 2020 and recently started my sessions back up again. Just as I remembered, the staff is professional, friendly, and very kind. My therapist really makes me feel comfortable and understands how to connect with me. I have seen such tremendous improvements since I started using their services again. I couldn't recommend them more highly.”
WTG Member
“I couldn't have asked for a better practice to start my therapy journey with. Williamsburg Therapy Group is so warm and welcoming. I chose them because a friend recommended them and their receptionist was so nice when I called. They really took the time to listen to the reason I was looking for therapy and help me choose a great doctor. I started my sessions a little under a month ago and so far I have nothing but good things to say. My doctor has been so helpful and I really feel like I'm in good hands here. I highly recommend this practice.“
WTG Member

Put the best behavioral health care to work for your employees.

Discover how our innovative program delivers profound impact for your employees, their families, and your business..


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