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Video Therapy: As a preventative measure and in accordance with the CDC recommendation for social distancing, we are now offering all clients HIPPA compliant video therapy sessions with our doctors. Click here for more details.

Greenpoint Psychologists and Psychiatrists

The Williamsburg Therapy Group has been collecting data on our patient population and is proud and honored to be treating so many Greenpoint residents. Approximately 40 percent of the clients in our rapidly growing practice are residents of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


There has been a large vacuum of good mental health care in Greenpoint; thankfully we are so accessible. Our Psychologists and Psychiatrist have been welcomed and we are grateful. Thank you Greenpoint.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists Therapy in Greenpoint, NY

The psychologists and psychiatrists at Williamsburg Therapy Group have expertise in couples therapy, family therapy and individual growth work all designed to enhance desired relationships.Most individuals find themselves repeating the same cycles in relationships. Whether patients experience repetitive conflicts with a partner or similar problems across multiple relationships, Williamsburg Therapy Group can help them break the cycle.


Therapy can improve one’s ability to effectively communicate and work through conflicts with significant others. This may include confronting and tackling issues with a partner or spouse (eg, insecurity, jealousy, controlling behaviors, or infidelity); family of origin (eg, unresolved, chronic problems stemming from childhood); or friends/colleagues (eg, difficulties initiating and sustaining cooperative, functional relationships).


Group Therapy provides the opportunity to explore personal issues, develop greater awareness of one’s feelings and behaviors, and experiment with new ways of relating and interacting in a safe and confidential environment. Group therapy gives you the opportunity to observe these patterns with others, learn the ways your behavior contributes to them, and then experiment with finding other ways of relating that will lead to more satisfying relationships.


In addition to our psychological services, the Williamsburg Therapy Group offers Greenpoint Brooklyn residents top-notch psychiatric care. Our full time Psychiatrist provides adjunctive treatment to therapy and is also available for independent consultations, evaluations, medication management, and diagnostic refinement. The Williamsburg Therapy Group model ensures that all of the necessary components of mental health care are found under one roof.


This unified approach provides patients with an alternative to traditional fragmented treatment models. Our psychologists and psychiatrist work in tandem to provide each patient with individualized coordinated care . Our Psychiatrist provides comprehensive assessments and treats the full range of psychiatric conditions including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, trauma related disorders, substance abuse, and ADHD.

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