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Our New Google Plus Launch

15 Nov Our New Google Plus Launch

Hello there! Welcome to our new Google+ page!

We’re excited to kick off our expanding #socialmedia portfolio today here with you all. First, a little about us:

As the area’s first full-service therapy collective, we assist members of this dynamic community who may face a crisis at home or worrying setbacks at work. Many also turn to us for a richer understanding of their lives and the behavioral patterns that impede personal growth and fulfillment.

The doctors of Williamsburg Therapy Group have diverse backgrounds with areas of practice that benefit many in the neighborhood. Whether seeking help with relationships, mental illness and/or recovery from substance abuse, Williamsburg Therapy Group provides a safe and confidential environment that is right around the corner.

Our team helps #Williamsburg#Brooklyn  and #NewYork  area patients with a variety of psychiatry and psychotherapy services including:

Individual therapy
Marriage counseling
Couples therapy
Family therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Business partner therapy
Anxiety & depression
Severe emotional conditions

If you’d like to get in touch, please follow the link above to our website and schedule an appointment. Alternately you can contact us by phone at (347) 765-0904.

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