The Program


The Program at the Williamsburg Therapy Group is Brooklyn’s first high-end comprehensive outpatient substance use treatment program led by an experienced team of distinctive doctoral-level psychologists and psychiatrists.

What is The Program?

We offer an alternative customized approach to the rigid one size fits all method that is commonly used to manage addiction. The Program is a tailored, supportive and intensive course of individual and group treatments, both for clients who are transitioning back into daily life after substance use rehabilitation programs and for clients living in NYC who are struggling to manage addiction.

The tailored treatment plans, which include innovative group and individual therapy as well as psychiatric care when indicated, are developed collaboratively by the client and the psychologist and are complemented by several holistic and traditional components.

Optimally, The Program is a 90-day commitment, but duration can be adjusted based on personal needs. Upon completion of The Program, clients can opt to continue treatment at Williamsburg Therapy Group through weekly individual and/or group therapy as a way to remain connected to a supportive sober community, to continue exploring issues related to emotional health, and to maintain positive changes.

Clinical treatment is based on a unique and thoughtful curriculum developed by the Director, Dr. Daniel Selling. Prior to founding The Williamsburg Therapy Group, Dr. Selling served as the Executive Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment for the New York City jail system for eight years, where he designed and implemented one of the largest jail based substance abuse treatment programs in the county.

Dr. Selling brings this knowledge and experience, combined with eleven years of private practice to The Program.

What is Included?

The Program includes 9 hours of clinical treatment per week:

  • 5 hours of Skills-Based Group Therapy
  • 2 hours of Individual Therapy
  • 2 hours of Mindfulness-based Meditation

The Program also offers 2 hours per month of bodywork (yoga, massage, reiki, or acupuncture).

*Clients may also see our staff neuropsychologist and/or the psychiatrists at Williamsburg Psychiatry Group for an additional fee.


Our doctors help our clients find directions that feel personally relevant, and assist them in formulating and taking realistic steps towards lasting change. At The Program, we recognize that the motivation to change substance use can be complex. If a client is unsure about sobriety, we provide a safe and supportive space to explore what it might be like to consider a life without the influence of substances.

We believe that the foundation of successful treatment includes thoughtfully listening to our clients’ needs and collaborating with our clients to help them reach their goals. Some techniques that may be used are Motivational Interviewing, which deeply respects a client’s autonomy to make their own decisions while also focusing discussion on imagining and exploring the benefits of a life without addiction and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which helps clients identify things that are important to them in order to begin creating a life consistent with those values.

Group Therapy

A large component of The Program is dedicated to creating a sense of community through group support Facilitated by a psychologist, our group therapy modality serves to help clients explore the nature of their addiction, gain insight into self-management techniques, explore prior traumatic experiences, and ultimately develop healthy coping mechanisms that replace substances/habitual behavior and increase self-esteem and confidence.

The Program uses empowering tools such as Relapse Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to teach practical ways to identify mindsets that can lead clients to repeat unhealthy patterns. Additionally, these tools help clients create new habits that prioritize wellness and facilitate healthy decision-making.

Our fluid open admission curriculum, which includes standardized screening measures to assess individual progress, is designed to ensure that each client benefits from all of the treatment modules regardless of when they join.

Individual and Family Therapy

A paramount goal of The Program is to help clients achieve results and sustain change through insights and connections made in individual therapy with their psychologist. Our psychologists are trained to help clients identify areas of improvement and track their progress. Meet our team here to learn more about each psychologist.

To ensure that treatment is truly tailored to the individual, each client will participate in two hours of weekly one-on-one therapy to explore the personal application of the general skills and strategies learned in group.

This time can also be used to explore other factors that interact with addiction, including past trauma, relationships, identity, and emotional health.

Addiction can be an isolating experience that causes damage to relationships with family and friends. Repairing these foundational relationships is an important part of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. We encourage our clients to invite their family or loved ones in for family therapy sessions to explore old dynamics and patterns and increase their network of support.

Meditation & Bodywork

Discovering and developing the mind/body relationship is essential in helping clients build connections to themselves and the world around them. Each week at The Program includes two hours of guided meditation, which is the skill of raising awareness of thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions to increase presence of mind.

Clients are also offered body-based holistic treatments twice per month, including acupuncture, reiki, yoga, and massage therapy. These treatments are designed to help clients repair and cherish the relationships that they have with their own bodies and use physical awareness to connect with their emotions.


Clients will have access to the remarkable team of psychiatrists from Williamsburg Psychiatry Group, who utilize pharmacotherapy approaches to treat alcoholism, alleviate opiate addiction, and manage medication. Psychiatrists are also available, at an added cost, to provide care for psychiatric conditions beyond substance abuse, including mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, trauma-related disorders, and ADHD.

Our psychiatrists always work in conjunction with our team of psychologists to ensure continuity of care.

Neuropsychological Testing

Comprehensive addiction treatment recognizes the value of neuropsychological testing at various phases of recovery and uses those findings to create a more personalized and transformative treatment experience. At an added cost, The Program offers neuropsychological testing that can answer very specific questions regarding cognitive issues that may have resulted from, or contributed to, addiction.

The true value of our neuropsychological testing is not simply in the results themselves, but rather in the guidance that these results give clients and doctors in developing a more specific individualized treatment plan.

Contact Info:

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