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The Fall; an introspective season.

25 Sep The Fall; an introspective season.

The warm invigorating summer has set. The weather is changing and the cool seasons are setting in. Leaves fall from the trees and days get progressively cooler and shorter. The mornings are cooler when you first wake up to prepare for the day and when you step outside there may be an undeniable chill in the air, and soon it will be getting progressively darker.

For some, the change in seasons has a profound impact on their emotional state. You may not feel as energetic as you normally do, and you may not want to be as social or follow your regular routine. This could point to signs of depression that may require some level of psychotherapy.

It is important to recognize the signs of depression like sad feelings, unexplained crying, relationship difficulties, poor job performance and for individuals in school, declining grades. The stress and strain of the economy and the changing of the seasons can have a negative impact on some people’s emotional state.

Being proactive about your mental health and taking care of yourself can help address depression and mood swings. The Psychologists and Psychiatrists of the Williamsburg Therapy Group recommend engaging in exercise, going for a walk or meeting friends or family for coffee or some fun activity. It is important to eat well, get enough rest at night, do nice things for yourself and use this quieter time to pursue a hobby that you have been avoiding to help occupy your time.

As the fall sets in we tend to see an increase in seasonal affective disorder and in overall stress. With decreasing hours of daylight, many people go to work in the dark and return in the dark. It is more important than ever during these seasons to work towards bringing more light into your life; literally and figuratively.

Be aware of the change of seasons and the parallel changes to your emotional state.

The Fall and Winter months are a more insular time of introspection and reflection as they tend to be more sedentary. This can lead to intensity of old emotion or the illumination to pathways for change.
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