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Williamsburg Therapy Group featured on Greenpointers Blog

27 Feb Williamsburg Therapy Group featured on Greenpointers Blog

Moving my therapy practice from the UWS in Manhattan to the incredible Williamsburg, Brooklyn community has been such a satisfying experience. I am pleased to be featured on the Greenpointers blog which has reaffirmed our connection to this community and the pleasure I am deriving from taking the risk and being so pleased that I did.

I contemplated making this move for many years but there were many variables to consider as with all big decisions in life. I have been very fortunate to have established a successful private practice on the UWS in addition to the work that I am truly passionate about in the NYC jail system. I put in a ton of work to grow the practice and become part of that professional community but always felt torn knowing a practice in North Brooklyn was needed and would be an exciting challenge both personally and professionally.

With all life-changing decisions we have a tendency to be overcome by the question “what if” and flooded with pros and cons. Often the negative chatter (cons) in our mind can paralyze us in forging forward. Until we take that leap over the abyss, the future, often riddled in fear, is only an obstacle so satisfying to overcome. Yes, psychologists are not immune from this habituated thinking either.

After many months of planning and contemplation, Williamsburg Therapy Group opened its doors a few months ago. We have been embraced by the community and have received many referrals and great support from the growing medical practices as well. While I am not surprised by the warm welcome, I am humbled and so glad that I took the leap and that I am now serving the community that I have been apart of and called home for more than 7 years.

Thank you for your support and continue to take risks and challenge yourself, the rewards are life-affirming.

Dr. Daniel Selling, Director, Williamsburg Therapy Group


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