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Williamsburg Therapy Group is proud to offer Group Therapy

Williamsburg Therapy Group is proud to offer Group Therapy

27 Oct Williamsburg Therapy Group is proud to offer Group Therapy

Williamsburg Therapy Group is proud to offer Group Therapy. Group Therapy provides the opportunity to explore personal issues, develop greater awareness of one’s feelings and behaviors, and experiment with new ways of relating and interacting in a safe and confidential environment.

WHY GROUP THERAPY? Studies have demonstrated that group therapy is just as effective as individual therapy (and even more effective for certain issues). You will broaden your self-understanding through receiving multiple perspectives. In group therapy, you benefit through both active participation and through observing others. This means that you can get a lot out of the experience even if you say very little. Listening carefully to someone else’s experience and the issues that they are working through causes you to reflect upon and learn about yourself. In hearing other’s experiences, you may find yourself becoming acutely aware of feelings and thoughts that have been unacknowledged or were previously unknown to you.

What makes group therapy unique:

You will experience connection and belonging.
Group therapy gives you the opportunity to feel truly understood and heard by others. You will find that many of your struggles are shared by others.

You will improve the quality of your relationships outside of group, by learning about how you relate to others inside of group.
Group therapy helps you better relate to others and teaches you how to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and needs more effectively. You may find that the roles and patterns of relating that you experience in life become replicated in the group (e.g., the clown, the caretaker, the scapegoat, the invisible one, etc.). It is common to re-experience some of the same interpersonal difficulties within the group that brought you into therapy in the first place. This is a good thing! Group therapy gives you the opportunity to observe these patterns with others, learn the ways your behavior contributes to them, and then experiment with finding other ways of relating that will lead to more satisfying relationships.

You will help others through helping yourself.
Group therapy allows you to work through your personal issues in a supportive, confidential environment, while also helping others to work through their personal issues. You will have the opportunity to provide support to others and share your experiences. You may be amazed about how much of a positive impact your input can have on others.


The group consists of 5-7 members and one leader (a psychologist). The sessions occur weekly and last 80 minutes. The sessions are unstructured, meaning no specific topics or exercises are assigned. Members are encouraged to initiate conversation by discussing any personal topics that they believe are important and/or are troubling them. The leader guides the discussion, demonstrates effective communication techniques (such as active listening and giving and receiving constructive feedback) and ensures the safety and respectfulness of the space.

The first few sessions will focus on establishing trust among the members. Once commitment to therapy is known and members have established a sufficient level of confidence to begin to communicate openly and honestly, the primary focus of the conversations will shift to interactions among the members. Members are encouraged to give support and feedback to others, as well as share their reactions to what other members’ contributions are bringing up for them.

You will never be forced to talk. You are in control of what and how much you share and are encouraged to do so at your own pace.

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