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Giveaway Rules

  1. Offer is only valid for residents in the states of Texas or New York.
  2. At present, we may only provide services in person in Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX. (Telehealth is available outside of these metro areas as long as the patient lives within one of the aforementioned states)
  3. Due to clinical efficacy, we always strive for therapy sessions to occur at a minimum of a weekly cadence. With that in mind, we understand that schedules can be hectic.  In turn, the first session must be used within 60 days of a winner being selected, and the remaining 3 sessions must be used within 45 days of said first session. 
  4. Entry requirements will be validated upon selecting a winner.
  5. Winner may transfer winning prize to a friend or loved one, however it may not be sold in exchange for a cash value.  
  6. All 4 sessions must be used by the same individual.
  7. Offer valid only for first time patients of the practice. 

The Purpose

Due in large part to the stigma surrounding therapy, an estimated 35 million adults in the United States will suffer from untreated mental illnesses in 2023 alone.

We're working to change that by making it easier to talk about therapy.

And the best way to get people to talk is to start the conversation.

I am in therapy.


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