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Therapy in Austin, TX

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Therapy in Austin TX

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We believe that price transparency enhances the health care experience and allows patients to make informed decisions.

Online Therapy

For your convenience, we currently offer online therapy sessions. In December 2021, we will open our Austin office for in-person visits.

Our holistic approach to therapy

At Williamsburg Therapy Group, We tailor our approach to each individual's problems and goals. Each of our psychologists has their own unique approach to treatment based on their experiences and specialties. We offer the support and solutions you need to lead a happy life. We are proud to specialize in the area of practice:
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Individual Psychotherapy

If you’re looking to overcome personal challenges and make peace with yourself and your past, psychotherapy could be right for you. Our team of expert psychologists is here to help you improve your mood, wellbeing, and overall mental health. We give you the tools you need to manage your emotions and weather life’s challenges.

Couples Therapy

Communication is the key to successful relationships. But setting thoughtful, intentional communication patterns can be challenging. Attending couples therapy in Austin, TX will provide a safe environment for you and your partner. Discover new perspectives on your relationship with your psychologist as a facilitator.
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Let's talk

Therapy for Depression

We understand that depression can cause problems leaving you feeling exposed and vulnerable. Our friendly team will guide you along the way, help you heal. The experienced psychologists at our Austin office can show you positive coping methods to deal with the symptoms of depression.

Therapy for Anxiety

Our Austin Anxiety Therapists can help individuals break free from anxiety and not constantly fear or worry about day-to-day tasks. We have a number of experienced psychologists in Austin ready to help you overcome your anxiety. Our therapists appreciate each step of the treatment process providing a generous structure of support and care.
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Let's talk

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many people seek therapy when they are hoping to make some changes in their life. Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to help you develop new ways of thinking and to cultivate a more positive or realistic mindset that can create healthier actions and habits.

Here is what to expect

Licensed Psychologists
50 minute session
$150 - $275*
Post Doctorate Psychologists
50 minute session
*For exact pricing see individual therapist’s profile page

Do you accept my insurance?

Like most private practitioners, the doctors of the Williamsburg Therapy Group are out-of-network providers and we do not accept insurance directly. However, we make the reimbursement process as smooth as possible by providing all the necessary paperwork, including receipts and diagnosis codes, in a timely fashion.
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Therapy in Austin TX

Online Therapy

Let's talk.

Currently, we only offer online therapy sessions. In December 2021, we will open our Austin office for in-person visits.
Therapy in Austin TX

In-Person Therapy

Office Opening
May 2022

Why people love Williamsburg Therapy Group

Alex B

First off and probably not so important, the office is gorgeous. Old world charm, meets and art gallery with gorgeous furniture. Of more importance, my experience here has been great. From the moment that I made the first call, I knew this practice is right for me. Finally, I found a mental health practice where I can see my Psychiatrist and Psychologist at one office. This should not be a novel approach but it is. My care has been great. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in the area. My wife is starting here next week.

Kelly Adams

Williamsburg Therapy Group has been incredible. I am so happy that I started coming here. They were recommended to me by a friend and I have to say it’s one of the best recommendations that I have ever gotten. Most practices that I have been to only have staff with a masters level education. This practice only has doctors. I really feel like there’s a big difference. It feels so much better to be in the hands of people who are truly experts in their field. I highly recommend this practice and know that I will continue to be a patient for a long time to come.

Lynne Cruz

I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is in need of mental health care. They offer so many different types of treatment and I was really blown away by all of the options available to me. I was really nervous the first time I came here. I have a hard time opening up to new people but my psychologist was warm and welcoming. I felt like I was genuinely cared about and still maintain that feeling now. I really can’t imagine going anywhere else. I highly recommend their services.