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Child Therapist in Austin, TX




The child therapy department at Williamsburg Therapy Group is Austin's best. 


With expert parental training and support, along with unparalleled child psychology expertise, our highly available team of child therapists in Austin, TX, is ready to help your child find new heights.

You know that your child deserves the best possible care. That's why Williamsburg Therapy Group prides itself on providing the highest quality child therapy. Our therapy patients, no matter their age, deserve to be treated with a level of care and expertise that is unrivaled.

Our beautifully crafted therapeutic space on South Lamar is designed to provide maximum healing, providing an ambiance of safety and comfort for all our patients.





What are the benefits of child therapy?

Child psychology is different in many respects from adult psychology. A child therapist is trained specifically in child psychology, giving your child the best chance for healing and growth.

Because the psychological landscape of a child changes as they age, what works for a 6-year-old may not work for a teenager. At Williamsburg Therapy Group, our psychologists are trained to address the specific problem areas and growth areas that exist for each age group - so your child gets the best possible care regardless of their age.

Child therapy focuses largely on learning and growth, allowing a child to develop independence, critical thinking, executive functioning skills, and more.


child at therapy

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

Child therapy can serve many purposes. While it can certainly help with problematic behavior, learning difficulties, and social issues, you can also enroll your child in therapy simply to ensure their development is on the right track and as effective as possible.

Here are some of the most common presenting issues that warrant enrolling a child in therapy:

  • Life transitions like divorce or moving cities.
  • Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.
  • Social anxiety, isolation, and bullying.
  • Learning difficulties, or conditions like ADHD.
  • Academic development delays.



Childhood Disorders Typically Treated In Therapy

Child therapy can treat any sort of presenting issue that may arise in your child. Here are some of the most common.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD

General Anxiety or Social Anxiety

Depression or Frequent Mood Swings

Behavioral Problems or Inability to Connect

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD

Disruptive Behavior or Trouble with Learning

Trauma or Processing Difficult Life Events

Personality Disorders or Other Severe Conditions


Finding a Great Child Psychologist in Austin, TX

The single most important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of child therapy is the rapport and trust between the patient and the therapist. That's why it often takes a few tries before landing on a therapist who is best for your child.

Williamsburg Therapy Group staffs a diverse array of doctoral-level child psychologists in Austin, TX, so even if you don't find the right match on the first try, it's very easy to simply move your child to another therapist.



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