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I am in therapy.

Learn the story behind the movement.



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Why do we keep saying "I am in therapy?"


Due in large part to the stigma surrounding therapy, an estimated 35 million adults in the United States will suffer from untreated mental illnesses in 2023 alone. We're working to change that by making it easier to talk about therapy. And the best way to get people to talk is to start the conversation.



I am in therapy.

Let's start the conversation.



The story behind the movement.


At Williamsburg Therapy Group, we embrace our shortcomings, and we know, trust, and believe in the power of accepting help. We own it when we need additional support. We say it loudly: with pride, vulnerability, and yes, often with fear.

We acknowledge our imperfections and a willingness to place faith in the therapist who is right for us. We say it to show people that being in therapy is representative of strength and courage, and not of weakness or failure.  It demonstrates that we value our health, safety, and well-being over the misguided projections of others.

We aim to continually evolve our community of people who are ready and willing to hold themselves to that same standard.

The stigma of mental health across the world has caused unquantifiable misery to so many - a misery that we feel can be prevented by evidence-based treatments facilitated by the psychologist who is right for you.

That’s what drives us. We plan to be at the forefront of the fight against mental health stigma. 

And if you feel that you’re ready, we hope that you too will stand and fight with us.

In this moment, it is important for us to acknowledge that the decision to self-disclose one’s relationship with their own mental health is an incredibly personal one. This movement is in no way intended to shame anyone who is not comfortable with, or simply chooses not to disclose their own mental health journey.

Just the opposite. We want to do our part, and to say it loudly enough that the individuals who are not comfortable with the idea of self disclosure don’t have to, but that they may also begin to experience some freedom from the shame stigma. There is no one-size fits all answer, but the stigma, and shame do more harm than good.

We at Williamsburg Therapy Group want to do everything in our power to combat that. Our hope is that this will become something much larger than us. We can only hope that this movement takes on legs of its own, and is truly embraced on a societal level.

I am human. I care about my health. I am in therapy.


Our motivation for Destigmatizing Therapy


Seeking professional help for mental health needs is no different than seeing your primary care physician, or having a regular exercise routine, it is self care. We can, and should be proud of the self awareness and vulnerability necessary to ask for help.

According to Johns Hopkins an estimated 66 million adults in the United States suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. More than half of those people will not receive treatment. 

If we talk about therapy the way we do about other health-related topics - like working out or getting a check up - millions more people might find the relief they deserve.




What does this movement entail?



Monthly Therapy Giveaways

To help spread this message of destigmatization, we'll be holding monthly free therapy giveaways through our social media platforms.

Follow us on Instagram for more information on the next giveaway.

Starting the Conversation

We have launched a new video series that we are affectionately calling, #IAmInTherapy where we interview people on the streets.

Watch real people talk about their experiences with therapy, how it has impacted their lives and the value therapy has brought them – with no judgement. Watch it here! 

New Partnerships 

We're proud to be partnering with a non-profit that focuses on mental health destigmatization. 

This partnership will use live music and expert panels to bring attention to why, and how, we should talk more about therapy and seeking help. We will be announcing this partnership on soon, so stay in touch.


Feeling better is closer than you think.

We are here to help you no matter where you are at emotionally and want to pair you with a professional that cares and can help.



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