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Our Child & Family Program

Incredible Child Therapy in Brooklyn, NY that can help your kids
overcome and start thriving again.




Williamsburg Therapy Group's child-centered program includes a variety of tools, support and options to help you and your family.


Our child therapists in Brooklyn, NY, offer parents and teachers insights into some of the challenges a young one might be facing. We offer play therapy, individual therapy for children and teens, family therapy, parent training and pediatric neuropsychological testing as just a few of the services we offer at Williamsburg Therapy Group.

Each of our doctorate-level therapists has a rich, bountiful knowledge of child development, making them an invaluable resource to children and their families.





What does Child Therapy look like?

Therapy for children is a highly specialized form of therapy that focuses on interpreting child behavior, defining its causes, and guiding healthier thoughts and feelings.

This process looks different for children of different ages. Younger children’s therapy typically consists of family quality time and play, while teen therapy tends to focus on discussing thoughts in cognitive behavior therapy and applying new skills to activities.

Children represent a completely unique psychology that is highly centered on learning and growth, which means that therapy for a child will be totally different from adult therapy. It is imperative, as a parent, to find a psychologist who is trained and experienced, as well as authorized, to work with children.



Does your child need therapy?

Parents may seek out treatment for their children for a myriad of reasons. Our pediatric psychiatrists and psychologists work with children on any issues that cause social or emotional distress in a child's life.

  • Children and young adults experiencing life adjustments such as a death or severe illness in the family, moving to a new home or school, or parental separation and divorce
  • Depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and other mental disorders
  • Social difficulties such as low self-esteem, behavioral problems, or experiencing a traumatic event can also be treated with the assistance of psychological intervention.
  • Learning difficulties and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can significantly impact a child's performance at school and take a toll on their social relationships, self-esteem, and emotion regulation abilities.
  • Struggles related to academic and developmental issues, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), may also prompt parents to reach out for help.



Childhood Disorders Typically Treated In Therapy

Specialized therapies exist to treat or guide parents and children through certain childhood conditions. The therapies for these disorders below focus on addressing and defining the problem in the context of a child’s developing mind.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD

General Anxiety or Social Anxiety

Depression or Frequent Mood Swings

Behavioral Problems or Inability to Connect

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD

Disruptive Behavior or Trouble with Learning

Trauma or Processing Difficult Life Events

Personality Disorders or Other Severe Conditions


Common Questions From Parents Needing Help


Our Brooklyn-based Child Psychologist are ready to help.

Williamsburg Therapy Group sets itself apart as a reliable source of high-quality, highly-specialized child psychologists in Brooklyn, NY. Each of our therapists is a doctoral-level psychologist, giving them unrivaled insight into the behavior and thought patterns of your child.

An assessment of the child's development is a crucial step in helping the family and parents understand their child better. It can clarify any questions and concerns they have about their child's behavior or the challenges they are facing. 

An expert evaluation from a child psychologist or child psychiatrist can provide the best plan that accommodates the child and the family.



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