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Child Therapy

Williamsburg Therapy Group Child is a child centered program that includes play therapy, individual therapy with young children and adolescents, family therapy, parent training/support, and a neuropsychological testing program to help parents and teachers understand some of the challenges our children might be facing.

Parents may seek out treatment for their children for a myriad of reasons. Our psychologists work with children on any issues that cause social or emotional distress in a child’s life. Life adjustments such as a death or severe illness in the family, moving to a new home or school, or parental separation and divorce, can at times require the support of a therapist. Depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive behavior manifest in children and are common precipitants for parents seeking out treatment for their child. Social difficulties, poor self esteem, behavioral problems, or experiencing a traumatic event, can also be treated with the assistance of psychological intervention.

Struggles related to academic and developmental issues may also prompt parents to reach out for help. Learning difficulties and ADHD can significantly impact a child’s performance at school and also take a toll on their social relationships, self-esteem, and emotion regulation abilities.

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