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Couples Therapy in Austin.

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Austin couples therapy


Like most things that are worthwhile, relationships take work. A lot of that work comes from overcoming conflicts and misunderstandings through stronger lines of communication.

Our licensed psychologists can help you enhance your relationship and overcome adversity. Relationships can become strained by broken trust, jealousy, arguments, and diminished emotional intimacy. When a couple encounters these issues, it is beneficial to have a trained psychologist build a happier and healthier partnership.



Understanding Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or talk therapy developed to help partners recognize and resolve conflicts and challenges in their relationship. The goal of couples therapy is to create a safe space where couples can gain new perspectives. Our counselors serve as facilitators who remain unbiased throughout this process. We help guide partners through these discussions, making the process easier to navigate.

The possible benefits of couples therapy include:

  • Improving communication skills between two people

  • Discovering the root causes of conflict

  • Developing a better understanding of one another’s behavior and motivations

  • Improving self-awareness and personal growth

  • Restoring emotional and physical intimacy

  • Restoring lost trust

  • Providing a secure environment and opportunity to heal


No matter what your goals are for couples or marriage counseling, our skilled therapists can provide you with an open forum to address ongoing issues without judgment.



What To Expect In Couples Therapy

While there are benefits to attending couples therapy by yourself, our marriage counselors usually encourage both partners to be present at counseling sessions. These sessions may be conducted in-office or virtually, depending on the current circumstances and each partner’s availability.

Couples therapy will usually begin with some preliminary questions to get an idea of the relationship. These questions will be in regards to the history of the relationship, values, and cultural background. Your therapist will work to create a space where both partners have their feelings validated.

Since many couples attending therapy have a specific reason set of circumstances for seeking counseling, sessions are usually very practical. Once treatment goals are established, a treatment plan may be discussed. The therapist will then assist the couple in pinpointing their problems and assign “homework” to put the principles learned in therapy into practice.



Misconceptions About Couples Counseling

The stigma surrounding mental health and therapy has begun to dwindle as we progress into the 21st century. However, some myths and misconceptions about marriage counseling or couples therapy continue to persist. Many people still consider going to couples therapy as the death knell of a relationship.

The truth is that couples have a variety of reasons for seeking couples therapy. One study published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice found that the majority of people attending marital therapy (57%) sought out couples therapy to increase their closeness or feelings toward one another. Rather than a final effort to save a toxic relationship, many couples consider therapy as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship and increase intimacy. If conflicts do arise in a relationship, it can be beneficial to work through these issues with an impartial therapist before they get out of hand and more serious arguments occur.


Finding Couples Therapy In Austin, TX

If you belong to a couple living in Austin, Texas, and are looking for help addressing struggles and improving your relationship, please schedule an appointment at our Austin office with one of our experienced psychologists. You can schedule an appointment with us to start the process today.


By reading our clinicians’ bios, you can begin to get to know our team and meet with a provider who is the right fit for you.


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