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Couples Therapy in Austin, TX

Couples therapy room at Williamsburg Therapy Group Austin



Marriage and couples therapy have a high success rate for couples who want to improve their relationships.


Williamsburg Therapy Group can help you define, practice, and complete the work that your relationship needs through our couples therapy in Austin, TX. Our team of licensed psychologists can help you enhance your relationship and overcome adversity. Relationships can become strained by broken trust, jealousy, arguments, and diminished emotional intimacy. When these problems come up, it's best to get help from a trained therapist to make your relationship happier and healthier.





What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy or talk therapy that helps people in a relationship see and deal with problems and conflicts.

The goal of couples counseling is to create a safe space where couples can gain new perspectives. Our counselors serve as facilitators who remain unbiased throughout this process. We help guide partners through these discussions during therapy, making the process easier to navigate.

No matter what your goals are for couples or marriage counseling in Austin, our skilled therapists can provide you with an open forum to address ongoing issues without judgment.



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Issues that can be addressed in Couples Counseling

In such a dynamic and busy city, it's no surprise that Austin relationships can go through times of distance, pain, and broken communication. Couples therapy can help with almost any problem that might come up in a relationship, such as:

  • Work stress
  • Life transitions
  • Affairs
  • Emotional distance
  • LGBTQ-specific problems
  • Significant life changes
  • Separation anxiety
  • Intimacy problems

Every couple is different, and between sessions, couples’ dynamics are always changing. Couples therapists are able to help couples through every step of treatment and give them a safe place to talk about any problem.


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Benefits of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a structured, scientific way to help you and your partner reach your goals. When administered by a licensed psychologist, like at Williamsburg Therapy Group, couples therapy has a 75% success rate. Most of the time, the benefits of couples counseling are clear within the first few minutes of a session. This is when the couple realizes that they are safe, that the marriage therapist knows what they are doing, and that they can talk to each other.  In general, you can expect the following benefits of couples therapy:

Improving communication skills between two people


Discovering the root causes of conflict

Developing a better understanding of eachother

Acknowledging one another's behaviors and motivations

Improving self-awareness and personal growth


Restoring emotional and physical intimacy

Repairing and restoring lost trust

Providing a safe and secure opportunity to heal


Common Couples Therapy Questions

It's natural to have questions about couples counseling or marriage counseling. At Williamsburg Therapy Group, our world-class staff of relationship therapists loves to answer them.



What to expect in Austin Couples Therapy


Even though there are some benefits to going to couples therapy alone, our marriage counselors usually recommend that both partners come to counseling sessions. These meetings can happen in person or online, depending on the situation and the availability of each partner.

Couples counseling will usually begin with some preliminary questions to get an idea of the relationship. These questions will be in regard to the history of the relationship, values, and cultural background. Your therapist will work to create a space where both partners have their feelings validated.

Since many couples attending therapy have a specific set of reasons for seeking counseling, sessions are usually very practical. Once treatment goals are established, a treatment plan may be discussed. The therapist will then help the couple figure out what's going wrong and give them "homework" to put the things they've learned in therapy to use. 


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Types of Couples Counseling

Every relationship is different, as is every relationship counselor. Therapists often specialize in one specific issue or another in order to be as helpful as possible for their clientele. There are several different types of relationship counseling and couples therapy available in Austin, TX, which each strive to improve one or more aspects of a given relationship.

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotion-focused therapy, or EFT, is reported by the APA to help 75% of couples who participate. EFT focuses on finding disruptive emotional patterns in a relationship and working to resolve them.When done by fully trained, doctorate-level psychologists and professionals, couples counseling has been shown to work between 70 and 80% of the time.

Williamsburg Therapy Group only staffs doctoral-level Austin therapists - also known as psychologists - to administer couples counseling.


Reflective Listening

Reflective listening refers to a technique used in couples counseling where "you" statements are changed to "I" statements. For example, if you say to your spouse: "You always come home late," your therapist may redirect your language to "I am uncomfortable with how often you come home late."

Reflective language like this also reflects sentiment, which helps each partner explore their emotional responses to the behaviors and speech of the other partner.


The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method, invented by Dr. John and Julie Gottman, uses at-home exercises as well as therapy sessions to help couples reach new levels of bonding. The Gottman Method can be used with other types of couples counseling to create faster and more sustainable results in therapy.

The three main goals of The Gottman Method are:

  1. Increasing closeness and reestablishing friendship with your partner
  2. Improving the way you and your partner resolve and address conflict
  3. Building a life and shared meaning together

Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling is a type of therapy that is specifically designed for couples who are considering separation or divorce. It is a short-term, structured approach that can help couples clarify their feelings and determine the best course of action for their relationship.

The goal of discernment counseling is to help couples understand the reasons behind their decision to separate and to explore whether there is any potential for reconciliation. The counselor will typically work with the couple to identify the underlying issues in their relationship and to help them understand how these issues might be addressed in order to improve the relationship. The focus of discernment counseling is not on fixing the relationship, but on helping couples to make an informed decision about their future.



Finding Couples Therapy in Austin, TX


If you and your partner live in Austin, Texas, and are seeking couples counseling, please make an appointment with one of our experienced couples therapists at our Austin office at 2121 South Lamar. You can schedule an appointment with us to start the process today.


wtg happy older couple in Williamsburg Therapy Group Austin Couple's Counseling

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