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Charles Burton, PhD

Charles Burton, PhD

Tuesday, February 01, 2022
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Charles Burton, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Chuck Burton is a licensed clinical psychologist at Williamsburg Therapy Group. His clinical experience has spanned community, hospital, and academic settings, and has included working with adults and couples from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Burton adopts a person-centered treatment approach by integrating multiple therapeutic techniques to help identify and address the underlying issues that prevent his clients from being their best selves. Change isn’t always easy; therapy with Dr. Burton meets his clients where they are and draws on their unique strengths to help them actively overcome situational and historical problems.

Infusing psychological science with a therapeutic relationship that is supportive, collaborative, and authentic, Dr. Burton helps clients grappling with problems in relationships, mood, anxiety, personal and professional identity, trauma, grief, physical and sexual health, binge eating, and substance use.

Dr. Burton also maintains an active program of research through ongoing collaborations with multiple academic, government, and NGO programs. He researches people’s innate ability to cope flexibly with stress, certain types of stress that can reduce this flexibility, and interventions that can improve it. He has presented at professional and scientific conferences and has authored numerous publications, including book chapters and peer-reviewed articles. He has consulted on the development of national treatment guidelines of emotional disorders. In his previous role as a research rank faculty at the Yale School of Public Health, Dr. Burton also provided clinical supervision and training on a randomized clinical trial of LGBT-affirmative psychotherapy.

Dr. Burton completed his undergraduate and doctoral training at Columbia University.

areas of expertise

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Anxiety & Depression
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy