Seiji Iino, Psy.D.

Seiji Iino, Psy.D.

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Seiji Iino, Psy.D.

Post Doctoral Psychologist

Dr. Seiji Iino (he/him) is a post-doctoral psychologist at the Williamsburg Therapy Group. He provides short and long-term psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. Dr. Iino has worked with persons experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions and persistent mental health difficulties including bipolar disorder, personality disorders and psychosis. His clinical interests include the therapeutic alliance, identity development and emotion regulation.

Dr. Iino firmly believes successful therapy is founded in the therapeutic relationship. He emphasizes the co-construction of a collaborative alliance between patient and therapist, with the goal of creating a supportive and structured therapeutic space. This co-constructed space provides the opportunity for clients to gain insight into past experiences, better understand themselves in present relationships and situations, and learn new skills to further their personal growth. The goal of this process is ultimately to help the client live a more satisfying, meaningful, and happy life. 

Dr. Iino’s training is rooted in a Psychodynamic approach, and he focuses on the formative role which the client’s internal world plays in shaping their external world view, their sense of themselves and their relationships to others. He helps clients explore negative thought patterns, feelings and behaviors, and process traumatic experiences, in order to gain a better understanding of their true self, values and beliefs. This dynamic approach is augmented by experience with Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, humanistic therapy, and experiential therapies which include mindfulness practices, emotion regulation strategies and distress tolerance skills. On a personal level, Dr. Iino brings warmth, authenticity, understanding and humor to the therapeutic space. 

Dr. Iino received his master’s and doctoral degrees in adult clinical psychology from Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at Sagamore Children’s Psychiatric Center where he worked with adolescents suffering from trauma, attachment disorders and severe persistent mental health issues. He has previously trained at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Gouverneur’s Hospital and Saint Christopher Ottilie: Family of Services and has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings, with clients across the lifespan. Dr. Iino’s research interests center on the therapeutic alliance and mood pathology. His doctoral research focused on how ruptures in the therapeutic alliance appear in the treatment of mood disorders.

areas of expertise

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Anxiety & Depression
Group Therapy
Severe Emotional Conditions