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Do social anxiety support groups work? Plus, Tips For Finding Your Group in Brooklyn

social anxiety group therapy

Social anxiety is practically a universal experience. All of us deal with anxiety at some point in our lives, and some of us experience it on a continual basis. Social anxiety disorder is one of the more common forms of anxiety. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for managing the symptoms of social anxiety, including anxiety support groups.

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How effective is treatment for anxiety?

What is the purpose of a support group for social anxiety?

How long does therapy for anxiety take to work?

Find Anxiety Group Therapy and Support Groups in New York, NY

Key Takeaways:

  • Social anxiety is a very common mental health concern
  • Support groups for social anxiety exist and can help manage distress
  • There are a number of support groups in Brooklyn that are perfect for those who struggle with social anxiety.

How effective is treatment for social anxiety?

Many treatment options for social anxiety are evidence-based and effective. Because social anxiety is so universal, there has been a great deal of research performed on anxiety treatment, whether it targets general anxiety, social anxiety, or panic disorder.

According to research, a combination of individual talk therapy and group therapy support can be most effective at managing different types of anxiety.

What is the purpose of a support group for social anxiety?

Anxiety support groups are meetings of people who have similar experiences and offer support to one another. Anxiety can be an isolating force in a lot of cases, so meeting with others in a group setting can be very therapeutic.

In cases of social anxiety, support groups can be a way to learn new skills and also practice with other members in a way that feels safe. Because these other group members also experience social anxiety, it can also function as a type of exposure therapy that doesn't feel too scary.

Social anxiety groups are meant to be a safe space for meeting others, discussing social fears, and boosting self confidence. These groups can also help people find support and build healthy relationships while also receiving anxiety support from a mental health professional.

How are anxiety support groups structured?

Support groups for social anxiety can either meet in person or virtually. Typically, the meeting will involve education on daily life skills and navigating social situations by mental health professionals or other trained leaders. Participants are encouraged to enter into group discussions about their own experiences and to offer emotional support to one another.

How long does therapy for anxiety take to work?

As with any mental health service in an individual or group setting, therapy targeting anxiety can vary in how long it takes to work for a person. And in fact, "work" is a rather subjective term, as therapy can be seen more as a continuum.

Your therapist will work with you on setting treatment goals, and you may reach some sooner than others, you may backtrack on some, or you may change your targets. It all depends on what you need.

Working with others in a support group setting may also allow you to share knowledge and experience with newer members as you find yourself reaching some of your goals.

Find Anxiety Group Therapy and Support Groups in Brooklyn, NY

Social anxiety and other anxiety disorders can be frustrating to live with, but there is help. Children, young people, and adults who have difficulty functioning in social situations can find community in groups that are targeted toward skill building and emotional support for their specific issues.

While social anxiety groups are not a replacement for traditional therapy, participants will find that as a complementary treatment, these groups can help strengthen learned skills, help them meet friends, learn new ways of coping, and offer strategies to overcome their fear of joining.

If you experience social anxiety and are looking for a way to connect with others in New York who are dealing with the same challenges, start reaching out to some of these organizations to find the support group that's right for you.

Williamsburg Therapy Group's interpersonal process group is perfect for those who struggle with social anxiety. Give us a call, and our patient coordinator will assist you in finding the right group for you.

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