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Gottman Therapist in Austin: Here's What To Look For

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Key Takeaways:

  • A Gottman therapist is a couples therapist trained in the Gottman Method, an evidence-based form of therapy.
  • Gottman therapists must be trained and certified by The Gottman Institute before offering treatment.
  • There are other things to consider when finding a Gottman therapist besides their certification.

A Gottman therapist is a specific type of couples therapist that uses the evidence-based Gottman Approach with their patients.

Found through the Gottman Referral Network, Gottman-trained therapists are some of the best for couples therapy in Austin.

But when it comes to finding the right couples therapist for your relationship, there are a few things to be aware of during your search.

Let's breakdown the top three things to look for in a Gottman couples therapist so you get the care you need faster.

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What exactly is a Gottman therapist?

What Qualities to Look for in a Gottman Therapist

Doctoral-Level Couples Therapists in Austin

What exactly is a Gottman therapist?

A Gottman therapist is a licensed professional counselor or therapist who is trained and certified in the Gottman Method, an evidence-based model for couples developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman.

Like other accepted forms of professional couples therapy, the Gottman Method relies on evidence and science and usually consists of a course of sessions with one or both individuals in a couple.

The Gottmans

Dr. John Gottman, in conjunction with a co-researcher named Robert Levenson, spent the better part of four decades researching thousands of couples to find out what makes them work - and not work.

Dr. Julie Gottman was instrumental in the research and analysis and is also the co-founder of the Gottman Institute.

Together they have helped thousands of couples find more harmony in the household and a stronger connection.

The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is centered on the metaphor of the Sound Relationship House.

In essence, every relationship can be compared to a house, with two load-bearing walls composed of trust and commitment. Without these two foundations, no relationship can make true progress up the floors of the house.

The house has seven stories, each one pertaining to a new level of progress int he relationship:

  • Build Love Maps - Or, use activities and guidance to get to know each other's emotional needs and patterns more thoroughly.
  • Share fondness and admiration.
  • Turn towards instead of away from your partner in times of stress and conflict.
  • Utilize a positive perspective.
  • Manage conflict.
  • Make life dreams come true.
  • Create shared meaning in life.

A Gottman therapist guides their patients through these seven floors in a way that sticks, helping the couples to eventually discontinue therapy while maintaining their newfound connection.

Gottman-Based Couples Therapy

Couples therapy utilizing the Gottman Method typically occurs over 8 to 12 sessions, with each session taking between one and two hours.

During this course of treatment, your therapist will speak to both partners individually and then together, and address any betrayals of trust or emotional disconnects present in the relationship.

What Qualities to Look for in a Gottman Therapist

If you're considering seeing a Gottman couples therapist, there are a few things to look out for to ensure your sessions are as effective as possible.

Gottman Certification

You can find Gottman therapists near you using the Gottman Referral Network, a database of Gottman therapists organized by location that is updated regularly.

If you find a Gottman therapist outside of this official channel, you'll need to check their certification yourself in the database.

Each Gottman therapist goes through rigorous training to earn their title, but we recommend finding one who is also a licensed professional counselor, licensed clinical social worker, or doctoral-level psychologist.


Because Gottman therapy is a clinical and evidence-based approach, each therapist will be licensed at the state level.

Before signing on with a new therapist, make sure they are licensed in your state.

You can also find their location address to make sure their office is in a convenient location for you - though online therapy is an option as well.

Even if a therapist works online, they must still be licensed in your state in order to treat you.

Personal Rapport and Trust

Once you have confirmed a potential new therapist's license and location, you should do some background research to make sure you'll be able to build a rapport with them.

While every licensed therapist is capable of delivering treatment, trusting your therapist makes progress far more likely.

If a potential therapist, for example, seems to only have experience with heterosexual couples who have children, they may not be the best fit for an LGBTQ+ couple who has decided not to have children.

If you're having trouble finding the right therapist for you, reach out to one who isn't quite right and ask if they have any referrals. Most of the time, therapists have several professional connections they may refer you to.

Doctoral-Level Couples Therapists in Austin

If you're ready to start couples therapy, choosing a doctoral-level couples therapist can be a great way to find the best of the best.

At Williamsburg Therapy Group Austin, our entire staff is doctoral-level and ready to help you build a better connection with your partner.

Give us a call, and our patient coordinator will help you find the right therapist for you.

Book a Couples Therapy Session in Austin Today

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