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Sex Quiz for Couples: Measure Your Sex Life and Learn How It Can Be Improved

In any intimate relationship, sex can hit a rough patch, but many people are shy about sharing their sexual concerns with their partner. This couples sex life quiz can help you take stock of where your feelings lie, and take the sexual temperature of your partner as well.

It's important to be able to openly discuss your sex life to get the most out of your relationship.

The Quiz

Answer the following questions, true or false:

  1. My partner is physically affectionate, touching me often
  2. I feel satisfied that my relationship is passionate and romantic
  3. My partner is vocal about their passion and attraction to me
  4. My partner initiates sex frequently enough to satisfy me
  5. My partner and I generally agree on what we want sexually
  6. My partner shows me that they find me sexually attractive
  7. I find my partner sexually attractive
  8. My partner and I have a variety of ways we pleasure each other sexually
  9. I can refuse sex without feeling pressured or guilt from my partner
  10. Our sex feels loving as well as exciting
  11. I find our foreplay satisfying
  12. I am comfortable enough to quiz my lover on what they like in bed
  13. We do not have significant differences in desire in our relationship
  14. My significant other is comfortable saying "no" when they don't want sex
  15. In general my partner and I are compatible and fun sexual partners

Scoring Your Quiz

If you answered "true" for all of the above questions, then chances are you have a very gratifying, healthy, and communication. No sex life is perfect, but if you aggreed with all above statments, you probably have a pretty good one!

Here's a breakdown of the urgency of addressing your sex life compared to the number of "trues" you answered during the quiz:

10 to 15: Moderate incommunication; moderate dissatisfaction; therapy recommended.

5 to 10: Severe incommunication; severe dissatisfaction; therapy urgently recommended.

0 to 5: Communication blockage/breakdown; complete lack of satisfaction; therapy required to prevent further damage.

Note that there is no such thing as sex live hopelessness, no matter how far gone yours seems to be. With the right instruction by a professional, any couple can reignite their sex life.

How To Begin Talking to Your Partner About Your Sex Life

You may find that your answers to this quiz reveal that you and your partner's relationship is on point, with plenty of open communication and respect for each other's desires.

However, if you aren't quite sure that you're getting what you want from your sex life, perhaps this questionnaire has revealed that there are some things that are missing. This isn't a problem if you feel comfortable talking to your significant other.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your wants and needs in relationships, then you may benefit from couples therapy with a licensed Austin couples therapist. They can help you learn to be more communicative about what you want, and learn the best ways to communicate your desires to your partner.

If your companion is open to it, you may choose to visit a couples therapist or a sex therapist together to discover more about what you can do to spice up your sex life.

Couples Therapy for Sex Life Improvement: Williamsburg Therapy Group

If you feel that your sex life could use some help, a great way to do it is through couples therapy.

A licensed couples therapist will be able to help you and your partner(s) find the complex psychological mechanisms between sex life problems, as well as where communication about sex breaks down.

Then, a professional can also help you put the pieces back together and build a stronger, healthier, and more gratifying sex life with your partner.

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