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Video Therapy: As a preventative measure and in accordance with the CDC recommendation for social distancing, we are now offering all clients HIPPA compliant video therapy sessions with our doctors. Click here for more details.

Areas of Expertise

Family Therapy

Families are an integral part of our lives. Though family can be where our closest relationships started, it can also be difficult and overwhelming to address negative patterns, hurt, and conflict that can develop over the years. Family therapy can help develop the ability to effectively communicate, work through conflicts, and strengthen relationships with others.

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is when family members attend therapy together to improve their relationships and functioning. The members of the family who attend is not predetermined, and reasons for seeking family therapy can include:

  • Parents learning to collaborate and co-parent
  • Increasing structure and support for children struggling with emotional and behavioral issues
  • Families affected by trauma
  • Siblings hoping to address conflict and increase closeness and communication
  • Changes in family roles and power dynamics

As fellow New Yorkers and people with our own families, the providers at the Williamsburg Therapy Group understand first-hand the need for inclusion and beauty of diversity. This includes our concept of “who counts as family”. Our providers have experience working with a wide variety of families, including those with LGBTQIA members, children and adolescents with a range of emotional and behavioral struggles, and families with diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds. By providing a safe, structured, and collaborative space, families can learn new ways to address dysfunctional patterns and improve closeness and trust.

How do I start family therapy?

If you are a family in New York City who is looking for support, please schedule an appointment at one of our Brooklyn offices with one of our experienced psychologists. Click here to meet the team and find a provider who’s right for you.