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Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a process whereby a group of patients work with a Psychologist in a safe and confidential environment. It provides the opportunity to explore personal issues, develop greater awareness of one’s feelings and behaviors, and experiment with new ways of relating and interacting with others.

The group consists of 5-7 members and one leader (a psychologist). The sessions occur weekly and last 60 minutes. We offer several groups including a process group, new mothers group, post-partum group and a substance abuse group. In the process group sessions are unstructured, meaning no specific topics or exercises are assigned. In other groups the therapist will guide members towards their delineated topic of discussion weaving in a tailored curriculum.

In all groups members are encouraged to initiate conversation by discussing any personal topics that they believe are important and/or are troubling them. The leader guides the discussion, demonstrates effective communication techniques (such as active listening and giving and receiving constructive feedback) and ensures the safety and respectfulness of the space. Members are encouraged to give support and feedback to others, as well as share their reactions to what other members’ contributions are bringing up for them.

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Interested Lets get started.