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4 Common Issues Dividing Business Partners

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Why might business partners have problems with each other? There are four primary reasons.

  1. Financial Inequity
  2. Differing Visions
  3. Company Problems
  4. Reduced Trust

Each of these affects the partner relationship and the company in different ways. 


Financial Inequity Between Partners

One of the most common reasons for business partner fallout is a financial inequity between them.

If one partner feels that, even though they are similarly qualified and valuable, they are being compensated less or receiving a smaller stake in the company, they have every right to speak up.


Differing Visions For The Company

Partners are driven by their passion for the industry and company they work with. Sometimes, that passion develops into an emotional response when contention arises.

This dynamic between a business owner and their partners is an important part of a growing team, but it can also quickly dissolve into issues with their personal relationships with the other partners. Business partner therapy can be a great way to resolve the friction and return the team to a state of productivity and kindness. 


Problems At The Company

Stress tests relationships, and business partner relationships are no exception.

During hard times at your company, if you and your business partner fight a lot, therapy can help you turn a point of disagreement into a challenge you can work together to solve. This will strengthen your partnership and help the company at the same time.


Reduced Trust

One of the most important dynamics in a business partnership is trust. You trust your business partner to make the right decisions and act in the company’s best interest, and they trust you to do the same.

If that trust is broken or fizzles out over time, it can be detrimental to both the company and the mental health of the partners. Therapy can be a great way to build that trust back up.

The right mix of partners is often one of the most important factors in a company’s success. But all too often, friction develops between partners, which slows the company down and causes stress for everyone involved.

Smoothing out this friction and resolving conflict are important for the health of the company and the mental health of the partners.


How To Find Business Partner Therapy in NYC

If you find yourself in a strained relationship with your business partner or are seeking help with the stress of managing a large corporation, Williamsburg Therapy Group can help set you on the right path toward success.

Business therapy is becoming increasingly popular and showing promise in improving the mental health of executives, founders, owners, and managers. Talking through a problem is much better than bottling up your feelings, and it can even improve your business relationships and how well you do your job.

The Director of Williamsburg Therapy Group, Dr. Selling, and our Assistant Director, Dr. Ben- Ami, have successfully worked with many co-founders of start-ups and CEOs of large corporations. They have worked to manage business relationships and facilitate growth strategically.

If you want to improve your business partnerships or work relationships in New York City, please make an appointment at one of our Brooklyn offices. Our experienced psychologists understand how vital business partner relationships are to success. Meet the team and find a provider who's right for you. 

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