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Family Therapy in Austin

a family at a therapy session

4 min read

How To Recognize Toxic Family Members, and What To Do About It

Media offers us a vision of family that is often quite skewed. A warm family dynamic with family members who unconditionally love and support each...

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a child in therapy

4 min read

When Sibling Rivalry Gets Out of Hand: Effective Exercises for Sibling Bonding

Sibling relationships can be messy. Of course, parents would love for their children to love and support each other, but even in the best of...

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A family relaxing after a therapy session

4 min read

What Do We Talk About in Family Therapy? Different Approaches, How it Can Help, and When to Schedule a Session

Family therapy is a type of talk therapy treatment that is specifically designed to assist with issues faced within the family unit that can...

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a family in the therapy room

3 min read

What is Functional Family Therapy, and Who is it For?

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) Functional family therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on family relationships of teens between 11 and 18 who...

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