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LGBTQ+ Therapy in Austin

therapist discussing information with a patient

4 min read

Spotlight: 4 of the Best Counselors in Austin

Austin is an extremely busy and growing city, with hundreds of people moving here per day. Among all of this hustle and bustle, there is a tendency...

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5 min read

The Ultimate Guide to LGBTQ Mental Health in Austin

In the face of adversity and discrimination, the LGBTQ+ community has been and continues to be a source of strength and resilience. But even the...

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Williamsburg Therapy Group LGBTQ+ Students on couch studying

3 min read

What Challenges Do LGBTQ Students Face?

The public education system in the United States has changed over the years, and the challenges our youth face in school are unique to this time,...

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Williamsburg Therapy Group LGBTQ group standing with a pride flag

2 min read

Growing up LGBTQ

Growing up LGBTQ in a hetero-normative world is traumatic and comes with an extensive set of challenges.

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