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LGBTQ+ Therapy in NYC

4 min read

What is LGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapy? Guide for Brooklyn Residents

Key Takeaways: Traditionally, LGBTQ+ mental health has not been addressed in any sort of practical, equal, or safe manner. Affirmative psychotherapy...

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5 min read

A History of LGBTQ+ Mental Health: 1776 to Today

The history of LGBTQ+ mental health in the United States is a checkered, often unsavory, and frequently hurtful one. However, it's also a story...

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Dr. Brian Trager, the article's author

3 min read

What Challenges Do LGBTQ Students Face?

The public education system in the United States has changed over the years, and the challenges our youth face in school are unique to this time,...

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Williamsburg Therapy Group LGBTQ group standing with a pride flag

2 min read

Growing up LGBTQ: Troubles & Challenges

Growing up LGBTQ in a hetero-normative world is traumatic and comes with an extensive set of challenges.

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Williamsburg Therapy Group details out how members of the LGBTQ+ community can find great therapists in NYC.

3 min read

How To Find an LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapist in NYC

If you’re among the4.5% of Americanswho identify as LGBTQ+, it’s important that you feel accepted and secure when heading to therapy.

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