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Outpatient Rehab Program

man with head in hands affected by marijuana addiction

3 min read

Can You Get Addicted To Marijuana? Yes, But There Are Treatments

There are outpatient rehabilitation clinics for marijuana addicts. While marijuana is not physically addictive like heroin or cocaine, you can still...

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Man listening to therapist with a loved one

6 min read

Meth Addiction Treatment Options: Therapy, Detox, and Rehab

Methamphetamine addiction is a pernicious and often overwhelming problem for its users.From 2015 to 2019, the number of methamphetamine overdose...

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Woman receiving help from a therapist

5 min read

How To Find Outpatient Rehab in NYC: 3 Great Options

The pressures of working in New York can get to anyone. Pressure can create stress, and self-medication of stress can lead to addiction.

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Man hugging loved on after getting help with an addiction

3 min read

How Long Does It Take to Break an Addiction?

How long does it take to break an addiction? It’s a million-dollar question, right? In fact, it’s one of our most frequently asked questions, along...

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