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Willliamsburg Therapy Group Woman in Brooklyn Holding head in hands looking sad and upset

4 min read

Inpatient or Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment? Pros and Cons of Each

Drug and alcohol addiction knows no boundaries. Addiction can affect individuals regardless of ethnicity, educational achievements, work careers,...

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Williamsburg Therapy Group | Women in Group Therapy Standing Up

4 min read

How to Support Your Employees' Mental Health—and Achieve 4x ROI

Both as an employer and as an individual, I know all too well how broken our behavioral health care system is. Maybe you never have needed care for...

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Woman sitting on chair speaking to therapist.

3 min read

How to Choose the Best Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for You (and Your Family)

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Williamsburg Therapy Group tackles issues during Covid 19 and online options.

4 min read

Addiction treatment in the time of COVID

Early quarantine was an abrupt adjustment to our way of life. Weeks of conflicting information raised anxiety, and a deadly virus sequestered us...

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