Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a powerful therapeutic modality, which promotes change and healing along multiple dimensions.

Among its many benefits, group therapy can increase your feeling of connection and support, provide opportunity to actively participate as well as learn from others, and acquire new skills about specific topics. Group therapy can be done in conjunction with individual therapy or as a stand alone treatment.


The Early Recovery Group

The Early Recovery Group is for people struggling with addiction to explore sobriety and harm reduction in a supportive clinical setting. This one hour per week group is a community space to gain insight and address risk factors for addiction, improve self esteem, relationships, and emotional health, and to take realistic steps towards lasting positive changes.

The Early Recovery group is designed as an extension of The Program at Williamsburg Therapy Group, which is a comprehensive addiction treatment program for people struggling with substance use. The group will be led by Drs. Monica Nikc and Sharon Asher, who are also primary clinicians of The Program. The fee for this group will be 100 dollars per session while we are virtual.

Social Media & Emotional Well-being Group

In this time of social distancing, screens and social media have become our lifeline. WTG is offering a new group to help deal with these challenges. We need technology more than ever right now to keep us connected and entertained, but if you’re feeling lethargic, burnt out, and disconnected from yourself – it could be due to digital overuse. You may find yourself feeling anxious or depressed when you compare yourself to others on social media. You may even experience heightened feelings of loneliness and isolation – despite being constantly connected online.

This skills-based support group will help you develop healthy strategies for managing screen time and social media use during this digitally-dependent time. Group members will have the opportunity to explore the role of technology in their lives – including mental health benefits and challenges. Group members will also learn mindfulness skills for engaging more intentionally in their lives, breaking free from unhealthy habits, and coping effectively with depression and anxiety during this global crisis.

This group will be lead by one of our wonderful staff Psychologists: Dr. Jeanna Pagnotta who is an expert on this subject matter. Due to continued social distancing the group will start digitally ironically and transition when the time is right to an inperson group at our office at the William Vale.

CBT for Sleep Group

Sleep – we all need it, and many of us have difficulties with it. Sleep difficulties are widespread and can occur throughout life. During uncertain times we may experience these problems for the first time, or we may have even greater difficulty. The CBT Sleep Group is a weekly group focused on improving your sleep and well-being by using cognitive and behavioral techniques that are supported by research. The group will include information about the structure, function, and importance of sleep. It will also address the aspects impacting group members sleep, and target and promote healthy behaviors and thoughts to improve sleep hygiene, quality of sleep, relaxation, restoration, and healthy thoughts about sleep. Participating in CBT for sleep in a group setting adds additional support, motivation, and validation for the members that can increase the impact of the experience.

This group will be facilitated by Dr. Sarah England, a Clinical Neuropsychologist with training in cognitive behavioral health therapies e.g., CBT for sleep, diabetes, tinnitus. Dr. England obtained her Doctorate in Psychology from the Clinical Psychology, Health Emphasis Program at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University, and completed her neuropsychology postdoctoral fellowship at VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven – Yale School of Medicine, and Lenox Hill Hospital, Department of NeurologyNeurosurgery.

Mothers Group

Being and becoming a mother can be an enormously complex experience characterized by a spectrum of emotions. In many ways, there are few safe spaces where mothers can reflect on the unique challenge of this role without fear of judgment or expectation. As a result, mothers often find themselves feeling isolated, misunderstood, and confused about the nature of this internal conflict. If you are seeking out an opportunity to explore your own experience of being a mother, to feel a greater sense of support and understanding, or to simply listen to the experiences of others as to feel less alone please consider joining the Mothers Group at Williamsburg Therapy Group.

This process oriented group will strive to provide a sense of warmth and safety through shared experience and reflection on the interpersonal processes that arise in the group. Through the interpersonal lens, the group will also offer the opportunity for deeper understanding of oneself in relation to others. There will also be space to specifically explore the nature of mothering during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the profound effect that this has had on families.

This group will be facilitated by Dr. Monica Nikc. She specializes in treatment of those who find themselves struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse family conflict, work stressors, grief and loss, prominent life transitions, issues of acculturation, interpersonal difficulties, and feeling lost or stuck.