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Top 5 Female Psychologists In Brooklyn: Our Picks

Female Psychologists

Starting the journey of therapy means finding a therapist who understands your situation, specializes in your concern, and with whom you can build a rapport. One characteristic of a therapist that many patients can choose is gender.

For example, those who identify as women deal with a unique set of challenges and may feel more comfortable speaking with a therapist who is also a woman. In other cases, patients of any gender may simply feel more comfortable speaking with a woman due to trauma or even simple preference.

Our job as a therapy collective is to foster the safest, most productive environment for healing possible, so we're happy to match people with top female psychologists. 

There are dozens of outstanding female psychologists in Brooklyn, but for the sake of saving you some time, we’re going to focus on just five of the ones we staff at Williamsburg Therapy Group.

Let's take a look at their areas of expertise and experience, so you can get the support you need.

Our Top Five Female Psychologists in Brooklyn:

Dr. Hila Sachs, PsyD - Long and Short-Term Talk Therapy

Dr. Madelyn McKeon, PhD - Perinatal and Parental Therapy

Dr. Leanne Sharr, PsyD - Child Psychologist

Dr. Phoebe Shepherd, PsyD - PTSD, Grief and Loss, and Complex Trauma

Dr. Kaori Kato, PsyD - Neuropsychological Testing

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Dr. Hila Sachs, PsyD - Long and Short-Term Talk Therapy

Dr. Hila Sachs

Dr. Hila Sachs, PsyD, is a female psychotherapist who works with individuals of any age, as well as couples and parents. Dr. Sachs is qualified to address a range of mental health concerns, including:

  • Stressful life transitions
  • Anxiety, both chronic and circumstantial
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief counseling

Dr. Sachs got her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the PGSP-Stanford Consortium, and then she made a name for herself at a wide range of local clinics.

At North Central Bronx Hospital, she learned how to treat mental illnesses with therapies that have been shown to work.

Dr. Hila Sachs is passionate about helping increase access to healthcare for everyone while keeping the quality of care absolutely world-class.

Book an appointment with Dr. Hila Sachs if you live in Brooklyn and have problems with anxiety, depression, or relationships.

Dr. Madelyn McKeon, PhD - Perinatal and Parental TherapyDr. Leanne Sharr

Dr. Madelyn McKeon PhD, is a post-doctorate female psychologist specializing in perinatal psychology, guiding couples through the journey of becoming parents.

Beyond parental therapy, she also specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues.

Dr. McKeon received training from several prestigious establishments, including:

  • The Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Brooklyn College
  • The Zucker Hillside Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel

With such an impressive course of training and study, Dr. McKeon is qualified to handle cases of any complexity. Parents love her for her unparalleled expertise in perinatal therapy.

Dr. Leanne Sharr, PsyD - Child Psychologist

Dr. Leanne Sharr

Dr. Leanne Sharr, PsyD, is a female psychologist at Williamsburg Therapy Group who specializes in mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and behavioral problems in children.

Dr. Sharr uses evidence-backed therapies like CBT, ACT, and family systems in order to create an environment of healing and progress for children and adolescents.

She learned how to treat anxiety and other disorders at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center and got her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Widener Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology.

Family therapy under Dr. Sharr consists of improving family communication, determining the underlying causes of any concerns, and then using activities and practice to get better over time.

If your child is struggling with ADHD, mood disorders, OCD, or behavioral issues, Dr. Sharr is Brooklyn's go-to female psychologist.

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Dr. Phoebe Shepherd, PsyD - PTSD, Grief and Loss, and Complex TraumaDr. Phoebe Shepherd

Dr. Phoebe Shepherd, PsyD, is one of Williamsburg Therapy Group's female trauma psychologists, specializing in, among other things:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Grief and loss
  • Complex trauma, or trauma extending from childhood experiences
  • Anxiety

Therapy isn't just for people suffering from chronic mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. People who have been through trauma recently or when they were young can also benefit a lot from therapy.

Dr. Shepherd works with those experiencing trauma to try to, at a minimum, relieve some symptoms. Trauma therapy seeks to turn the active, harmful effects of trauma into a healthier, more integrated grief.

With her doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Dr. Shepherd seeks to create a safe space for people of all races, genders, and backgrounds to heal.

Dr. Kaori Kato, PsyD - Neuropsychological TestingDr. Kaori Kato

Dr. Kaori Kato, PsyD, is one of Brooklyn's most accomplished and renowned psychologists, with extensive experience in neuropsychological evaluations and talk therapy.

With a doctorate in clinical psychology and extensive training at Northwell Health Long Island, Dr. Kato spends much of her free time supervising interns at Woodhull Medical Center.

Dr. Kato is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and has seen great success with her many clients, but she is also qualified to run neuropsychological evaluations for her patients, including:

  • Memory tests
  • Linguistic evaluations
  • Visuospatial examinations

Tests like these serve to identify both strengths and weaknesses in a person's overall cognitive landscape and then make recommendations on therapy or referrals to a psychiatrist in order to begin the journey of improving.

If you're in Brooklyn and feel you may benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation, book an appointment with Dr. Kaori Kato today.

Find a Female Psychologist at Williamsburg Therapy Group

Williamsburg Therapy Group staffs over 30 licensed psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in every area of mental health, including:

We're proud to serve Brooklyn's mental health needs. Feeling better may be closer than you think. Schedule an appointment today or call us to get matched with the right female psychologist for you.


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