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Mental Health Tips & Advice

Hear from our experts. 

1 min read

US Health report: Rate of mental health

A new federal report has been released regarding the country’s progress towards meeting a set of 10-year national health goals that were set in 2010.

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Williamsburg Therapy Group dives into a short video on mental health.

Playful yet very accurate video description of starting therapy

A short film about the reasons why it’s normal and healthy to go to therapy, written by Alain de Botton for the School of Life.

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4 min read

Grief During Covid 19

Grief and grieving play out in a myriad of ways. But whether grief manifests in withdrawal, or an outpouring of emotion it is essentially a natural...

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WTG Mental Health & Mindfulness

3 min read

The intersection of mental health and mindfulness

The Intersection of Mental Health and Mindfullness – Meditation has traditionally been related to Eastern mysticism but science is starting to show...

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