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Family Therapy in Austin.



Family can be an integral part of our lives. It can provide a sense of security and belonging we need to cultivate our social and emotional selves.

While familial relationships are often the longest and closest relationships a person has, they can also be the most fraught. It can be a challenge to address negative patterns, hurt feelings, and deep-seated resentment that can develop over the years. Family therapy in Austin, TX with Williamsburg Therapy Group can help you develop the ability to communicate effectively, work through conflicts, and strengthen relationships.



What is family therapy?

Family therapy includes a variety of psychotherapy that family members attend together to improve their relationships. Family systems are complex relationships that can be thrown out of balance by a number of issues. Often these conflicts cannot be resolved within the family itself, and an outside mediator is needed to restore balance. A therapist can provide the structure to help family members recognize their own contribution to an issue and suggest changes that can improve the relationship. Our elite team of therapists offer the security and insights for these bonds to flourish.


When should you seek family therapy?


Reasons for seeking family therapy can include:

  • Parents learning to collaborate and co-parent
  • Increasing structure and support for children struggling with emotional and behavioral issues
  • Loss of a job or career changes
  • Chronic illness or death
  • Families affected by trauma
  • A new child
  • Addressing conflict and increase closeness and communication between siblings
  • Changes in family roles and power dynamics

The family therapists at the Williamsburg Therapy Group understand the need for inclusion. As fellow Texans and people with our own families, we venerate the beauty of diversity. This includes our concept of “who counts as family,” acknowledging that family is not limited to blood relations. Our providers have experience working with a wide variety of families, including those with LGBTQIA members and diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Making us a respectful resource qualified to connect with the needs unique to each family.

Our family therapists have experience working with children and adolescents with a range of emotional and behavioral struggles. We understand that the mental health of one family member can greatly affect other individuals and the family as a whole. By providing a safe, structured, and collaborative space, we help families learn new ways to address dysfunctional patterns and improve closeness and trust.

Williamsburg Therapy Group is prepared to work with you and assist you in fostering a happy and healthier life. 


What are the benefits of Family Therapy?

Family therapy can be used to improve relationships by:

  • Healing after a crisis or traumatic incident
  • Establishing honest communication and boundaries
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Helping to build or rebuild trust
  • Reducing stress and anger
  • Addressing sensitive or unspoken subjects
  • Reconciling after a rift or separation
  • Increasing compassion, empathy, and understanding

Family counseling is a way for families to learn how to nurture bonds and work together to solve problems. Rather than pointing the finger at another person, family therapy helps each family member see their conflicts as part of a greater family system where everyone plays a role. Our therapists work collaboratively with family members, addressing personal and familial issues making them feel seen and heard. Coming from this foundation of security and respect to guide each member towards a united whole.



How do I start family therapy?

If you are looking for family therapy in Austin, TX, please schedule an appointment with us today. Our experienced psychologists can help your family heal. Click here to meet the team and find a provider who’s right for you.


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