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Group Therapy For Women in Brooklyn: The Ultimate Guide

group therapy session for women

Key Takeaways:

  • Brooklyn is home to dozens of great support groups for women.
  • Every issue, from substance abuse to body dysmorphia, can be addressed in an all-female group setting.
  • Group therapy consists of guided conversation with a licensed therapist and other women who may have similar concerns.

Group therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapy for many. Learning from the experiences of others who are in the same situation as us can accelerate the healing process and help us realize we aren't alone.

Group therapy is particularly valuable in an area like Brooklyn, given its diversity and population density.

Women's group therapy brings women together in a safe place and empowers them to connect and collaborate with each other. This is one of the best ways to share experiences and analyze mental health as it relates to the experience of being a woman.

Let's discuss women's group therapy in general and take a look at some of the best support groups for women in Brooklyn.

Women's Support Groups Resources On This Page:

Best Support Groups For Women in Brooklyn

Should I go to women's group therapy?

What To Expect From Women's Support Groups


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Best Support Groups For Women in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is lucky to have so many great groups for women, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right one. Here is a quick list of support groups for women in Brooklyn:

Williamsburg Therapy Group

Williamsburg Therapy Group is Brooklyn's leading therapy collective, with a staff of more than 30 doctoral-level female psychologists on hand to lead women's group therapy sessions.

Some of the female psychologists who offer group therapy at WTG include:

1.) Addiction Support Groups for Women: Dr. Allegra Nevins, PsyD

Dr. Nevins is a psychologist at WTG who specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, and more.

Her core specialty is addiction therapy, having spent six years working with inpatient addiction programs.

She works with clients to determine how their addiction works, its potential causes or enablers, and how it relates to and interferes with their lives.

2.) Non-English Support Groups for Women: Dr. Shira Shuster, Ph.D.

Dr. Shuster specializes in both addiction and perinatal therapy, and provides group therapy services in Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian (as well as English.)

Psychologists like Shira Shuster are essential, especially in Brooklyn, where so many different nationalities and languages mix and mingle.

3.) Interpersonal Relationships Therapy For Women: Dr. Lianna Trubowitz

Dr. Lianna Trubowitz specializes in creating safe and productive environments for people to understand how they interact with a group or with other people in general.

Many types of therapy focus on the individual, but a group therapy session can help patients heal the way they think about and interact with others.

Other Women's Group Therapy Sessions in Brooklyn

Here is a quick list of other support groups for women in Brooklyn:

The bottom line: If you're in Brooklyn looking for a great group of other women to talk through a specific issue, you're spoiled for choice!

Should I go to women's group therapy?

If you have a mental health concern that you feel would be better understood by your fellow women, you should definitely try going to a group therapy session for women!

There are plenty of issues that might require talking to someone of the same gender, including:

  • Relationship concerns
  • Societal pressure for work or home life
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Questions about sex and fertility
  • General mental health concerns like anxiety and depression

While many WTG therapists of all genders are qualified to handle these issues, we also know that many clients feel more comfortable speaking with a female psychologist and other women in general. We feel it's important to accommodate this in our practice.

What To Expect From Women's Support Groups

A support group for women works much the same as a unisex group therapy session. In general, a licensed therapist (or psychologist, in the case of Williamsburg Therapy Group) leads group members through discussions and exercises to help them heal and move forward.

The factor that changes what happens in a group therapy session is less the gender of the attendees and more the specific issue that is going to be addressed.

For example, in substance abuse group therapy sessions, therapists often give "homework" to group members to help them stay sober between sessions.

For sessions on body acceptance or fertility, a therapist may use diagrams of the body to help explain key points.

The therapist's role in the group therapy session is one of guidance, not dictation. In general, a therapist will give talking points and ideas for conversation and exercises. However, if the group is making good points in a conversation that is "off-topic," the therapist will try to help the conversation continue.

Conversations between group members are what set group therapy apart from individual therapy. Having others who are going through similar struggles in the same room as you offers many key benefits, such as:

  • The ability to learn from those who are further along in the healing process
  • Confidence gained from helping women who are new to the healing process
  • A more diverse array of feedback from people with diverse backgrounds

It's important to speak honestly during group sessions. This can be intimidating at first, since it requires a high level of vulnerability. Just remember that the other members of the group have most likely felt or thought many of the things you are, and that the therapist is there to ensure the conversation stays safe, relevant, and productive.

Group Therapy at Williamsburg Therapy Group

Williamsburg Therapy Group is proud to offer therapy in a group setting to women in Brooklyn. Our highly-trained staff of Brooklyn psychologists is on hand to guide, diagnose, and treat with the highest quality of care possible.

Schedule an appointment today or talk to our client coordinator to get matched with the right group for you!


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